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Mustang Dyno AWD-500 SE

 The TTP-Engineering, LLC Mustang Dyno AWD is located here in-house at our full service Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Specialty Performance facility at 6920 Hanging Moss Road, Suite B, Orlando, FL 32807.

Our Mustang Dyno is located in a rain or shine indoor location on site where regardless of the weather, wet roads or impending hurricanes as we receive all too often, you can rest assured that testing and tuning of your vehicle can be completed regardless of the conditions outside our facility.

It is available to rent, by any individual, race team, or car club. Our all wheel drive dyno is setup to keep your car off the public roadways and obeying traffic and noise ordinance laws which keeps you OUT OF TROUBLE! Being an on-site Pro-Tuner ourselves , we understand the importance of having the car in a safe, dry environment, keeping your full attention on the engine vital signs instead of where you are pointing the car on a public roadway which is extremely dangerous and illegal. It also takes your attention away from the important aspect of tuning and your ability to quickly react if a test run needs to be aborted.

Our Dyno features:

Horsepower Measurement
*2,500 hp peak measurement capacity AWD mode (50/50 Split)
*1,500 hp peak measurement capacity 2WD mode


Air cooled eddy current power absorber can absorb up to 900hp which insures that according to the weight of the vehicle with driver, coupled with the aerodynamic shape lookup table for your vehicle will simulate the EXACT same load forces on the driveline as the car would experience on a real roadway which will insure that however your car is tuned on the Mustang Dyno will be exactly how it will respond and react on the street when you drive it on the road. This is not possible on an inferior Dynojet.

 * 16 channels of analog datalogging including 0-60 psi of boost pressure in psi.

* Wideband datalogging using our integrated Zeitronix Wideband Metering System hard wired into the dyno.

* OBD-II datalogging (any 1996 and up car equipped with an OBDII data port can interface with the computer to playback vital information on the screen) * 24 ft ramps on a 5 percent gradient to accomodate even the lowest cars.

The dyno is a safe and effective alternative way to tune your automobile, or to diagnose issues with your car. Our OBD-II, scanner, Zeitronix wideband, and 16 channel analog datalogging will prove to be of the utmost importance, whether it be your import or domestic high performance vehicle or simply your daily driver.

TTP Engineering is always available for your in-house automotive ECU tuning needs. Whether a factory ECU remapping, a handheld programmer or full out racecar on standalone ECU, we have the experience you need to have your vehicle tuned to perfection for its level of modification or current state. TTP Engineering has over 16 years of experience with the 4g63 and close to a decade in EFI tuning history under our belt.

TTP has a world renowned reputation for the most cutting edge in factory ECU expertise on the Lancer Evolution VIII 8, Lancer Evolution IX 9, Lancer Evolution X 10 as well as the 2009+ Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart turbo AWD models. We have thousands of Evos tuned by us. Even many of our "competitor shopcars" are currently tuned by us or have been tuned by us in the past before becoming "proficient" in ECU tuning

Our tuning services can be offered to you by appointment 11am - 7pm M-F. Saturday upon deposit only and with appointment only.

We have experience tuning most factory and standalone ECU's available and have established direct lines of communications with the manufacturers so we can be sure we are up to date on software interface updates and firmware upgrades. Haltech, AEM, Accessport, Microtech, Hondata are a few of the units we work with on a regular basis.

2WD mode $85.00/hr - AWD mode $125.00/hr

Dyno release of liability waiver is required before vehicle can be loaded onto the dyno. NO EXCEPTIONS!

For SPECIAL EVENTS and CAR CLUB DYNO DAYS, please contact 407-475-0010 for special group rate pricing...