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TTP Engineering

EvoM PM System:
TTP Engineering




Strongly recommended, but not required:
Zeitronix ZT2 Wideband o2 meter with boost & EGT- full datalogging
(Now reads Exhaust Gas Temperature in *F or *C and Boost from vacuum to 36psi.)
  1. AMS-type Lower Intercooler Pipe

  2. TTP-Engineering Fields-type ECU Wiring Harness

  3. Apexi Super Air Fuel Controller - M.A.P tuning recommended

  4. TTP-Engineering Methanol/Water Injection Kit

  5. Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade

  6. a.) Tubular Header- stainless steel*
    b.) SS Tubular O2- stainless steel*
    c.) Forge Adjustable Wastegate Actuator*
    *Indicates modification recommended at the same time as others.

  7. Open air intake conical filter and intake turbo inlet pipe upgrade

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